Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Human Beings are Amazing!

The pulse of my work is creative empowerment. I really, really want people to be better and to reach their highest potential. It gives me a real kick to see a person grow. My ultimate life goal is to reach my own highest purpose. The character Lady Terror is a direct reaction to feeling hopeless, but not hopeless enough to give up. The rage was turned to hope. The desperate turned to action. Hate to Love. When I rant on a soapbox, scream through a bullhorn, write a poem, connect with strangers on possibilities, become inspired by creative people and dream big- I am doing what I love. I have heard for years the cliche': Do what you love and the money will come. This is my new mantra. I have only just begin to actually believe in this cliche. For years, I have stumbled in and out of jobs that I hate and project/gigs that I LOVE. In the end, I am drawn back to the jobs I hate because I become desperate and worry about how I will pay bills and contribute to our household so we can all live a comfortable life. I am terrified of not having a consistent paycheck that I run back to the cubicle, only to be totally depressed, unhappy and feeling off my path. My goal is to release the fear enough so that I can see the possibilities out there. If I continue to do what I love, the money will come. (Repeat 3 times over and over again.) I manifest abundance. There will be enough.

One of my all time favorite creative and inspiring people is the artist/author SARK. I have been reading her wonderful creative guidebooks since 1997. I have been inspired by her thinking and cling onto her books each time I move, being careful to find a nice place for them on my bookshelf. As part of the journey with me, you must get to know her. It will make you smile. You will be inspired. Check out her work by clicking below. Meditate on goodness. What is holding you back?

Need to get away?  Get inspired with SARK's meaningful meditations in Magical Journeys with SARK!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out of my Comfort Zone!

I enter this New Year with so much fire under my ass. I am being fueled by being employed in one of the worst jobs I have ever had in the history of my life. I have been working since I was 15 and truly believe that all work is honorable. I am grateful that I am actually working and receiving a paycheck - even though the paycheck is what I made in my first position out of college in 2000- I am still grateful. The small amount has allowed me to pay my car note, send our son to an amazing Montessori school and keep a roof over our heads. I am hopeful. But, I am also on fire to get towards my real career goals and to leave the stress or being micro-managed while making 150 dials a day saying the same thing to people who don't care. I am in the jungle of cubicleville and its not pretty. I think its hilarious that I am working in a call center. I actually hate phones when it comes to work. I love hands on teaching, project building and community work. Most of my careers have had me teaching youth, working in a major school district training teachers all over the city. I am usually not at a desk and instead in the community doing work.

The entire absurdity of my new position makes me believe that I was sent there for a reason. Sometimes the Creator and Universe send you into something that is such an absolute mess, that you have no choice but to rise above it quickly and with a renewed inspiration for getting back on the path to my life's purpose: theater, poetry, yoga, massage and community work. I was meant to empower others and it is what makes me truly happy.

The New Year is only a week deep and I have already started the process of movement. It is the first steps that get the ball rolling. I am rolling and visualizing myself daily living my dreams. I am excited for the following:

1. Finally applying and getting all my paperwork into Massage Therapy School. Come rain or high water I will be starting class April 2, 2011. It will happen.

2. Yoga as a way of life. I connected with a black yoga instructor here in Atlanta and look forward to taking classes with her. My goal is to commit to a home and studio yoga practice everyday for a year. Once the year is over I will start a certification class. I have a lot to learn and must create more discipline for my body and mind to survive a teacher training course. My goal is to teach yoga and create a teacher training program for inner city residents. In my hood back on the South Side of Chicago you could not find a yoga studio anywhere. In my opinion, yoga as a discipline can truly most benefit those living in high violence and under resources communities. We suffer high levels of stress, live in food and fitness desserts, so any healing art is needed. Yoga is for black people, even though its has been marketed to only high income, white communities. We must take the healing art back.

3. Experimental Puppetry Theater Festival at Center for Puppetry Arts.
I will be working with puppeteers to create a adult themed show with puppets. The festival runs in May 2011. Stay tuned. You should all come out in you are in Atlanta area.

4. Lady Terror Reigns Supreme and will bring more ranting and soapbox snapping. Just wait!!

So, what are you on fire about?

Artist Statement

I create art for the ones who lost their voice a long time ago. I believe that impromptu spectacles can bring awareness to social justice issues that paralyze our communities. Lady Terror examines the relationship between public space and performance space and also explores ranting as a medium to address social issues and as a tool to empower communities. My art is local and neighborhood specific in its execution but global in its ideas around poverty, injustice and violence.