Monday, September 26, 2011

dope Alert Mondays

I love when I am connected with amazing new ways to manifest my dreams. I know you have all heard of a vision board and may have created one on your journey. Today, My BFF shared a link on her facebook wall from an amazing blog called LISA C WRITES The post is called "Getting Buck Wild With Life" and explains the concept of a Manifestation journal. This is powerful stuff and truly resonanted with me. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and manifesting. As a writer the concept of creating your life by writing detailed "stories in a journal of your hopes and dreams really got me hyped. I love how Lisa challenges you to "Get Buck with Life" and to be bold and fearless in your Manifestations. What a powerful message of empowerment. We are so on the same page. So, today my "dope Alert Monday" is dedicated to this exercise shared by Lisa and her entire blog.

I am so hyped by this idea that I have already written 4 pages in my journal of stories that I believe with all my heart will come true. You ask and receive. Its the law of the Universe. Here is a a part of my story written today:

Today I woke up with the best email from three different theatre companies in Atlanta, Chicago and New York. They all loved the materials and scripts I sent for the Lady Terror show. They want to comission me to produce a multimedia show around the themes of creative empowerment, rage and social justice. I'm so excited and cant wait to interview and hire the sound, lighting and scene shop artists to start collaborating. I want the shows to remain intimate, raw and real. I will have lots of screens, hip hop music, movement, and live feeds from the street and guerilla art spectacles that are at the core of my work.

They also approved the budgets I sent with no hesitations. Each of the three companies will invest $25,000 with a 60/40 split on all ticket sales. They also approved to pay for our housing and car expenses while I'm in town producing the shows. The hubby will also be producing his artists and writing music for video games with Micrsoft and new TV shows for MTV. MTV is in NY so the entire family will be together during this exciting time. I cant wait to take Saheim to see the Statue of Liberty and be back in my hometown of Chicago for that leg of the journey. The show will be great. I am blessed.

That feels wonderful! Read the post on Lisa's blog and do this now. Its dope! Also follow Lisa on twitter @LisaCWrites Now, go get buck!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday FUNday

I love Sundays! I always have. Its something about them that seem so easy and also relaxing. Growing up I remember Sundays always having a big breakfast and dinners cooked by my mama, my hard working dad at home from his overwhelming job and a sense of winding down and new possibilities for the week.

There have also been times Sundays brought gloom and doom because I was working in a job that didnt speak to me, that was abusive and in many ways attempted to suck my creative joy. On those Sundays around 5pm I would feel the anxiety building, knowing that in a few hours I would be back off to the cubicle that neither I or it wanted to be a part of.

During my period of being "in between jobs" I have went through highs and lows. But in the last three weeks I have taken on a renewed sense of purpose and peace. This Sunday I spent my day having great heart to heart conversations with my husband, making a large breakfast of oatmeal, cheese eggs, honey biscuits and tea. I connected with amazing people via twitter, took a massive nap, did a leaf craft activity with our son and wrote out a long list titled "Things I have done and will do to move my dream of Lady Teror forward." I also have prayed and drank amazing french roast coffee.

We went on a leaf hunting adventure a couple days ago and pressed the leaves in a huge book. He glued them onto paper and used a pen to create a butterfly and a "baby with a leaf for his hair."

My favorite mug for sipping coffee. Its massive.

So my Sunday has been an amazing FUNday because I focused on the little things because its the little things that in reality are the Big things. I know my day has not been filled with anything too radical or revolutionary like screaming on a bullhorn for social justice on a corner, but to me living an authentic "enjoying the simple things" life is just as revolutionary and FUN!

HAVE an AMAZING and FUN Week! Also, check out my homegirl ManoyMetal and her adventures today. She is the creator of Sunday FUNday and super fun. ManoyMetal

How to Create a Spectacle

Step 1
No matter what you must not show fear or ego.

Step 2
Develop the ability to ignore anyone who stands in your way.

Step 3
Learn how to scream like you mean it. If you need a bullhorn I have one you can borrow.

Step 4
Study the art of improvisation. You will need it to get closer to your goal.

Step 5
Create a quick one sentence response to the question: “What are you mad about?”

Step 6
Pick the perfect location and get the timing right.
Note: the best spectacles are the ones that are organic and catch everyone off guard.

Step 7
Don’t be afraid to use curse words. People need to know that you are pissed and not playing around. This is not a game nor anytime to be shy. Stop holding back!

Step 8
Start being okay with people calling you crazy. Embrace your out of control behavior for a cause.

Step 9
Read poetry daily. You will need it for your mission.

Step 10
Find an opportunity to get community members involved. The end result is true social change. Real change comes from the people.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Manifest Saturday

Every since I was a little girl I have always loved speaking in public and performing. I used to imagine myself as one of the dancers in the TV show Fame (I really adore that show.) I would practice my autograph in red markers on sheets of paper all over the house. My earliest performance experiences came from two sources: 1. The Church 2. Elementary School

CHURCH: I grew up my entire life (my mama went into labor with me while sitting in church)in a Penecostal, high energy explosion of a church, that encouraged children as soon as they could stand to recite bible verses, Christmas monologues and Easter poetry for elaborate holiday programs. From this experience, I gained so much confidence and begin a love for performing in public. I am honestly not afraid to speak in front of any size audience. I believe this also nurtured my love of street theatre and guerilla art. My Lady Terror spectacles have had me reciting poetry on a bullhorn in front of Chicago liquor stores on busy Saturday nights and leading a one woman poetry marathon of Gwendolyn Brooks poems at Bud Billiken, which is one of the largest and oldest parades in the country. Bud Billiken

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Because of the fearless behavior I exhibited performing in front of packed pews at church, I was always volunteering for the essay competitions, spelling bees and talent shows. As a natural writer and lover of the stage, I had amazing teachers who saw this in me and nurtured it. I was chosen many times for anything that involved a volunteer from a classroom to speak at school assemblies and events. I was the go to girl and still remember the joy I felt while waiting back stage for my cue. I loved the darkness behind the heavy velvet curtains at Lowell Longfellow Elementary in a suburb of Chicago. One of my proud moments is organizing a dance group in to perform at the annual 6th grade talent show. We danced to "Nasty Boys" by Janet Jackson and yes, I still remember most of the routine.

So, to make a long story short: I was born to communicate. I love performing. I love the art of connecting with another person through emotions and words. I love the power of theater and art to change lives and communities. I have been manifesting this for a long time.

I moved to Atlanta from Chicago a year and a half ago and since I landed here I have felt this overwhelming and strong feeling that my God given gift of writing and performing will be VERY successful. It has been stronger than any other time in my life. I have constant repeated visions while sleeping and awake of myself performing on a large and beautiful stage to a packed house. The vision is so real that I literally can see every detail of the stage, the lighting patterns, the spotlight, the folds in the curatins, the color of the seats, the music playing in the lobby during intermission, my outfit, my friends and famiy in the front row and a packed house of at least 1,000 people. Its a nagging and surreal feeling and it has been sustaining me through the unemployment and financial woes that have been around since I moved here. I'm focused and motivated because even if I wanted to give up, when I close my eyes its that clear vision of me pursuing my passions that keeps me going.

My new weekly blog post "Manifest Saturday" will become a list of all the things that I love about theater, social justice and performing. It will help me stay committed to making a career and living from the LADY TERROR mission. I keep hearing the quote from one of my favorite artists and the soul of Elmo the puppet, Kevin Clash. In the trailer to the new documentary "Being Elmo" he spoke passionately about how everyone told him he could never make a living being a puppeteer and how it was the only thing that he loved as long as he could remember. "Don't worry about people telling you that you are crazy and that you can't make money living your dream. Just keep doing what you love and the money will come." Soon come.

Oh, here is a link to the trailer for BEING ELMO. Its so heartwarming and inspiring.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hire Me! Dont be alarmed by the Terror in my name.

I am excited to present my new business. I have been a natural entrepeneur since I was a little girl. I can remember selling bologna sandwiches and candy to kids in the neighborhood on the front steps of my childhood home. I also remeber having a lemonade stand on the sidewalk in front of my house at around the age of 10. Even then I was improvising and sold kool aid since my mama didn't have any lemons.

My passion is words and empowering others to reach their fullest potential. I have over 15 years experience as a teaching artist, workshop leader and performance artist. What does all this mean exactly? Well, basically I have spent thousands of hours creating poetry workshops for children, young people and adults. I have created original curriculum and crafted projects in public schools that have given young people the opportunity to find their voice and write their way into themselves. I have created Aftserchool Arts camps by booking the talent, writing the curriculum, training the artists and teaching. I have wrote my own One Woman Show that has been performed on stages from Chicago to Atlanta and street corners in between. I have been a guest artist sharing my love of theater and social justice in top colleges in Chicago. I am a published author. My work appears in a fabulous book about teaching art to young people. Check it out here: Aimprint

I know how to connect with individuals. I know how to write. I know how to empower. I have vision. I am a master organizer. I am creative. I come alive while engaging others in the beauty of voice and discovery.

What I offer:
*Customized writing empowerment workshops for your classroom (grade school to college), faith group, community group, girls get together, book groups or any other gathering of human beings. I can create an amazing workshop on any topic.

*Individual or group writing groups. This is an intensive experience for serious writers or those who want to write creatively but feel like they have a writers block. I have completed many graduate level poetry and creative non fiction writing courses and love revision. I will take that poem you have hidden away and guide you through the process of making it come alive. I can take anyone to the next level when it comes to writing.

*Guest speaker and performer for Black History Month programs, Womens History Month and any other school or group assembly. I have over 15 years experience in public speaking to professional groups and also a trained actress and performer who will make any stage come to life.

Learn more about my lady Terror mission and work here on this blog. You can also follow me on twitter at @HireTricia
Check out my linked in profile too profile
Contact me for questions on rates and schedules at: I would be honored to work with you!

Poetry Therapy

Poetry Should Ride the Bus
Ruth Forman

poetry should hopscotch in a polka dot dress
wheel cartwheels
n hold your hand
when you walk past the yellow crackhouse

poetry should dress in fine plum linen suits
n not be so educated that it don’t stop in
every now n then to sit on the porch
and talk about the comins and goins of the world

poetry should ride the bus
in a fat woman’s Safeway bag
between the greens n chicken wings
to be served with Tuesday’s dinner

poetry should drop by a sweet potato pie
ask about the grandchildren
n sit through a whole photo album
on a orange plastic covered La-Z-Boy with no place to go

poetry should sing red revolution love songs
that massage your scalp
and bring hope to your blood
when you think you’re too old to fight

poetry should whisper electric blue magic
all the years or your life
never forgettin to look you in the soul
ever once in a while
n smile.

from We Are The Young Magicians Beacon Press April 1, 1993

dope alert Mondays.

i am a pop culture and information junkie. some friends have re-named me the "hook up girl" because I usually know the best places to eat, to get drinks, best thrift stores, coolest places for parties and the most amazing spots for earrings, which are my obsession. I am totally obsessed with all things jewelry, so I wanted to introduce my weekly post "DOPE ALERT MONDAYS" by putting you guys up on

the jewelry is handmade with an industrial edge and many of the pieces make text the centerpiece. as a writer, I love words and the power they hold in written form. the creator is also a fellow chicago girl - south side!!! her jewerly is handcrafted with love and very unique. I recently purchased a beautiful necklace from her for my mama that paid homage to the love she shared with my daddy for over 35 years. it came so quick and wrapped lovely. my mama loved it and so will you. check her out and get something custom made for yourself.

Artist Statement

I create art for the ones who lost their voice a long time ago. I believe that impromptu spectacles can bring awareness to social justice issues that paralyze our communities. Lady Terror examines the relationship between public space and performance space and also explores ranting as a medium to address social issues and as a tool to empower communities. My art is local and neighborhood specific in its execution but global in its ideas around poverty, injustice and violence.