Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have always LOVED balloons. For me, balloons represent party, celebration, ritual and the ultimate way to draw attention. Balloons make anything look festive and make you pay attention. I love spectacle. I like the surprising and random tidbits of life that make it interesting. I enjoy people who dress the way they want and speak what's on their mind. I think you truly have to be courageous and eccentric and a bit of a risk taker to fulfill your goals. At some point, you think, "I'm going all out. This will work." This is when the universe will hear you. You already have the answers. Real change will happen.
Balloons are a perfect symbol for the concept of "going all out." Next time you see balloons, grab one and tie it around your wrist. I dare you to walk around town. Make a fool of yourself. Be a scene. Pop it and startle someone into listening. Live your dreams. I hope this post inspires you to buy more balloons for birthdays or any day. Everyday is a celebration. Every day a blessing!

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Artist Statement

I create art for the ones who lost their voice a long time ago. I believe that impromptu spectacles can bring awareness to social justice issues that paralyze our communities. Lady Terror examines the relationship between public space and performance space and also explores ranting as a medium to address social issues and as a tool to empower communities. My art is local and neighborhood specific in its execution but global in its ideas around poverty, injustice and violence.