Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Celebrate life!

So I have been out of the blog world for a minute. I lost my favorite auntie, Norma Jean on January 31st. This date is also the anniversary of the 6th year of being without the love of my life, my daddy. I also moved into a new house and still have boxes to unpack. Thru it all I give thanks for all the blessings and grace the Creator has shown me and my family. I will be back with more musings and writings on creative empowerment. Life is short. Live strong!

Here is poem I wrote for my auntie and read at her services in Chicago.

For our Norma Jean

this isn’t a poem

its words put together when words can never say enough

its a whirlwind

a big smile

a tight hug from a favorite aunt

that looks just like my mama

its love

this isn’t a poem

its a family story

it begins in a busy house that used to stand not too far from here

with a wild backyard

a warm kitchen upstairs

tall, steep concrete steps

that provided us many scraped knees

all our hearts can remember is

her laughing and smiling

if we counted all the times we heard her laughing

beautiful gap teeth smiling

head leaned back

soul a glow

we are rich

this isn’t a poem

since words can never be enough

to celebrate

to speak on the essence of her spirit

while the body is fragile

it bends

it fails

it gives out

spirit is stronger

no force is greater than pure love

her journey to short for us

lovely many times

bumpy some times

cuz life can serve up bumps and valleys and peaks along the way

her chapters unfolded like a large novel

i wanna keep turning the pages

we wish for more volumes

more hugs

more of her laughs

more comedy

more of her sweet nature

just more


more norma jean love

the essence of her spirit

will live on

your brothers, sisters, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, cousins, friends

deep down wish our collective love for you would pull you back here

our tears would drown out all pain


with deep breathes

we release you to the creator

rest now

rest in perfect light dear one

the essence of your spirit will live on

Tricia Hersey

from left to right: My Auntie Norma Jean and My mama Jean Marie

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