Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Create a Spectacle

Step 1
No matter what you must not show fear or ego.

Step 2
Develop the ability to ignore anyone who stands in your way.

Step 3
Learn how to scream like you mean it. If you need a bullhorn I have one you can borrow.

Step 4
Study the art of improvisation. You will need it to get closer to your goal.

Step 5
Create a quick one sentence response to the question: “What are you mad about?”

Step 6
Pick the perfect location and get the timing right.
Note: the best spectacles are the ones that are organic and catch everyone off guard.

Step 7
Don’t be afraid to use curse words. People need to know that you are pissed and not playing around. This is not a game nor anytime to be shy. Stop holding back!

Step 8
Start being okay with people calling you crazy. Embrace your out of control behavior for a cause.

Step 9
Read poetry daily. You will need it for your mission.

Step 10
Find an opportunity to get community members involved. The end result is true social change. Real change comes from the people.


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Artist Statement

I create art for the ones who lost their voice a long time ago. I believe that impromptu spectacles can bring awareness to social justice issues that paralyze our communities. Lady Terror examines the relationship between public space and performance space and also explores ranting as a medium to address social issues and as a tool to empower communities. My art is local and neighborhood specific in its execution but global in its ideas around poverty, injustice and violence.