Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday FUNday

I love Sundays! I always have. Its something about them that seem so easy and also relaxing. Growing up I remember Sundays always having a big breakfast and dinners cooked by my mama, my hard working dad at home from his overwhelming job and a sense of winding down and new possibilities for the week.

There have also been times Sundays brought gloom and doom because I was working in a job that didnt speak to me, that was abusive and in many ways attempted to suck my creative joy. On those Sundays around 5pm I would feel the anxiety building, knowing that in a few hours I would be back off to the cubicle that neither I or it wanted to be a part of.

During my period of being "in between jobs" I have went through highs and lows. But in the last three weeks I have taken on a renewed sense of purpose and peace. This Sunday I spent my day having great heart to heart conversations with my husband, making a large breakfast of oatmeal, cheese eggs, honey biscuits and tea. I connected with amazing people via twitter, took a massive nap, did a leaf craft activity with our son and wrote out a long list titled "Things I have done and will do to move my dream of Lady Teror forward." I also have prayed and drank amazing french roast coffee.

We went on a leaf hunting adventure a couple days ago and pressed the leaves in a huge book. He glued them onto paper and used a pen to create a butterfly and a "baby with a leaf for his hair."

My favorite mug for sipping coffee. Its massive.

So my Sunday has been an amazing FUNday because I focused on the little things because its the little things that in reality are the Big things. I know my day has not been filled with anything too radical or revolutionary like screaming on a bullhorn for social justice on a corner, but to me living an authentic "enjoying the simple things" life is just as revolutionary and FUN!

HAVE an AMAZING and FUN Week! Also, check out my homegirl ManoyMetal and her adventures today. She is the creator of Sunday FUNday and super fun. ManoyMetal


Mano y Metal said...

your son's drawings are precious! OMG! They are p r e c i o u s and remind me of how my son's drawings change as he gest older and once he passes a stage, that is it, he never draws like that again... we have to enjoy these precious moments in our lives! Love your post! :D <3

Liv Svanoe said...

Sure do love your son's mixed media artwork. What a talent!

Tricia Hersey said...

thanks des and liv. he loves art. glitter and glue is his favorite.

Artist Statement

I create art for the ones who lost their voice a long time ago. I believe that impromptu spectacles can bring awareness to social justice issues that paralyze our communities. Lady Terror examines the relationship between public space and performance space and also explores ranting as a medium to address social issues and as a tool to empower communities. My art is local and neighborhood specific in its execution but global in its ideas around poverty, injustice and violence.