Sunday, October 16, 2011

Break Through

I finally figured out multiple streams that I want to explore in my quest to become fully self employed. Ideas have been plentiful and movement is being made. Things are a little bit clearer. They are not fully clear but getting there soon. I am happy and feel motivated. This may change in a few weeks or it may get even more clear in a few days. I am just enjoying the ride right now. I am grateful. I have nothing to lose and going super hard on this dream.

Hubby is finally taking my two digital cameras to the camera store to be possibly repaired. I can't wait! I have two very nice cameras and they both have cracked screens. This leaves me with no camera for the household or my creative projects, including this blog. But, oh, change soon come and I will be back taking pictures for you in no time.

One of my break throughs is my love of crafting. I have always been into art and craft projects. My mama instilled this in me since she has drawn and painted since I was a little girl. I have three art boxes filled with every art supply you can think of. I usually pull them out to do art with my son. But yesterday, I felt inspired to try a decoupage project on this small wooden cabinet that I found at thrift store like 5 years ago. I have held onto it all this time with the hopes of one day getting around to it. Yesterday, I started looking through all my magazines to be inspired by images to create a theme for the piece. After looking through this old copy of Jewel Magazine I fell in love with the images of the amazing Josephine Baker.
There is a 6 page spread of some of her most iconic photos. I knew the theme would be Renaissance Woman and the spirit of Joespehine Baker. From there I started the decoupage process by using Mod Podge (an amazing sealant and adhesive that all crafties must have). I started with the larger parts of the cabinet by putting images on the side panels first.

I also picked to amazing images for the front and top of cabinet. I used an exacto knife to get the shape of each image wihout the background space.

Once I put these large images in place, I moved on to adding text in the front, layering the images with more paper and adding texture with mirrored tiles and finally I did some painting to create an accent color of yellow.

I really love the results so far. I have a lot more to add. I want to do more layering of images on top of it, more painting and have to get to craft store to buy more things for texture. I think I am gonna add more crystal and shiny things. Josephine Baker was known for her glamour and style, so more bling is needed. I have been inspired to do one with images of Tina Turner and Zora Neale Hurston. I will put them all on etsy along with decoupaged large wooden earrings that I want to be a part of the collection.

I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey of Creative Empowerment and Self Employment for myself. On a side note: I also booked a Skype Poetry and Creative Empowerment session with a highschool in Omaaho Nebraska and briefly brainstormed with my amazing theater friend in Chicago on co-writing a play that we want to tour in Chicago and Atlanta. I have already claimed it. I will be self employed making more than enough cash to pay all bills, save and invest into my business. Lady Terror Productions Foreva!!!!

If money wasn't an issue and fear didnt exsist what would you do? What are your true life passions?


Mano y Metal said...

i cannot believe how awesome this is! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I can't wait to see the process+final product!


Tricia Hersey said...

Thanks, Des. that means a lot coming from you since I adore your art. i want to decoupage everything now. its amazing how one idea inspires so many more. i am going to work on a Tina Turner small box today and try and finish this one. what are you up to on this Sunday Funday?

Mama Violet said...

I love how you incorporated your signature color into the mix. It's lovely. I like crafting and Im looking forward to seeing more project pics.

Turbo said...

Lovely! Congrats on your entrepreneurial progress, Tricia (BTW, I have a "Wall of Greatness" in my bedroom, a photo memorial to some of my favorite African American artists... Josephine Baker has a prominent place---3 photos)!

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