Saturday, October 29, 2011

Library Card Fun!

When I think back on my life, the library has always played a huge role and been a strong force in my creative development. I love libraries!! I feel safe when I live near one and have fond childhood memories of my stay at home mama walking my siblings and I to the library every Saturday morning. I was so excited when I found out our 4 year old could apply for a library card here in Georgia. He was so excited and woke up reminding us so we didn't forget to go. I was also excited to pass on the love of reading and libaries to him. I hope that he remains a life long book lover.
He checked Babar The Movie as his first DVD! He also got a book on Football Fun Facts and a Gwendolyn Brooks Children's Poetry book.
No, gorth forth son and spread the knowledge around!

What are your early memories of reading and the library?


Mama Violet said...

Love his energy for books. The library rocks!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Your soon looks so excited!!! I could not stand the library! Now I wish I didn't feel that way! I plan on taking Peyton to reading time at the library.

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