Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crafting mania: Collage Jar Candle Holder and Ida B. Wells

So, I literally have been waking up and without eating breakfast running to my craft table and going crazy. I spent over 4 hours cleaning and organizing the space to make it more inviting. Everything has its own container and place which makes creating faster and more fun. For the past two weeks, I have been obsessed with saving any and all glass jars that come my way. I have saved peanut butter ones, spaghetti sauce, relish and pickles. I started saving them because I love the way they look without the label and I enjoy drinking juice and wine out of them. It reminds me of my grandma who only drank out of jars. She was all about canning peaches and other fruits so her tiny house was overflowing with them. I guess the extras ones became cheap drinking glasses for her. I also remember her telling me that she hated drinking out of plastic cups because they always felt greasy and unclean. I miss my granny.
Anyway, I finally started experimenting with all the jars. I continued my obsession with decoupage and mod podge and started gluing all my left over handmade paper scraps and images that shared similar colors. I hand painted designs onto the paper, added glitter, tied purple raffia around the lid and glued three coffee beans. Finally, I  stuck a small tea light in it and LOVE the final result. The candle holder looks amazing on my craft table and I can't wait until the evening so I can chill with my honey with it glowing brightly.

Love this Frida Kahlo sticker

handpainted red spots

Two tealights down and it holds the wax nicely.

Another project that I finished awhile ago is the Ida B. Wells Collage that was inspired by the cute small gold frame I got a thrift store for 80 cents. I ripped the old picture out of it and collage an image of IDa B. Wells with a red leaf I got on a leaf hunting trip with my son, glitter, bling and my favorite mod podge. I figured out a way to secure it back into the frame and now have it  hanging in my kitchen. It is also for sale if interested. It will go up on my Etsy store

I am working on another jar project that involves ribbon and lots of paint. I will post tomorrow once it dries and I see the results. Have you guys been crafting lately? Did you make anything fun for the holidays?

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