Saturday, December 17, 2011

Exploring FREE: Holiday Edition

I am obsessed with FREE events and things. My son hears me say "Is it free?" all the time that he knows how to spell it and identify the word anywhere we go. Since, I am working super part time and still recovering from my job loss this summer, I have been even more vigilant about finding FREE everything. I love exploring our new state of Georgia and also intrigued by historic neighborhoods. My son loves the word adventure and if I say we are off to one he is always down for the fun. Today, we explored Downtown Historic Norcross, Georgia. It is the cutest and cleanest little city. The have a main street with cute antique shops, cafes and parks. My buddy Sonja and her son Khatim told us all about this little town so we joined them for activities as part of a month long celebration of Holiday Magic called Sparkle.
The center of the town has a a couple of beautiful fountains and lots of wide open green space. During the summer months they host large outdoor music events and festivals. I felt like I was on a movie set because they have strategically hidden speakers in the sidewalks pumping out Christmas tunes and facts about this old railroad town. Saheim loved the fountains and ran around like a bird set free wearing the Santa Claus hat given to him by his dad.

Since I am an arts and craft addict I was excited to find out that the Norcross Garden Club was hosting a FREE Open House that included FREE kids crafts, live music and a bake sale of yummy treats. We made a creative bird feeder from a pine cone. The instructor showed us how to stuff it with a peanut butter mixture, roll it in bird seeds then tie a string to hang outside on a tree branch. They also had the yummiest warm apple cider for FREE, a musician playing lovely holiday music and homemade bake sale items priced really cheap. I couldn't pass up the large pumpkin chocolate chip bread for only $2.00. The women hosting the event were super nice and invited us to more of  the FREE events they host which teach you about gardening. I will make sure to go to the workshop on harevsting honey and bees.

Our next stop was a short walk down the cute main streets to window shop and find coffee. We stopped at the cutest coffee shop with a nice seating area with books and games for kids to play with. Saheim is a fan of chess and set up the board to play right away.
Our last stop was to Thrasher Park to run off some energy. The park was large with many fun things to play on, a cute gazebo and lots of benches for the mamas to rest. This was my first time visiting this little neighborhood even though it is only 9 miles from our house. I will for sure be back to check out the Tequila Bar, Italian Restaurant and a FREE weekly storytime event for kids. Thank God for FREE and for adventures!

What are some of your favorite FREE outings and events you have attended recently?

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Mama Violet said...

I love FREE! I stalk Chicago entertainment blogs for event offering free food and drink. They start early and end early most od the tine so I'm usually home at a decent hour too.

Monday I'm going to a blogger event at reza's. Cadillac is the sponsor. I already know it's going to be a good free time. :)

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