Friday, December 23, 2011

Mamacation: How to be inspired.

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

I love this quote by Virginia Wolf because it speaks directly to the space needed to be creative. I like to replace the words write fiction with any art. For me I would change the words to: write and make collage cards. I connect with it because I am very aware of how hard it can be to find the space to be creative as a female artist with a child. I was a stay a home mama from my 4 year old son's birth until he was about 11 months old and for the last 5 months I have been home with our son reimagining the next steps of my creaitve life and finding the space to create TerrorChic Cards and writing. My hubby works long hours that change weekly in retail so it can be hard for me to find time to have mama time. He hasn't had a weekend off in the last 4 months so I was estastic to learn he had Saturday and Sunday off last weekend.

I seized this opportuinity to create a mamacation for myself. A mamacation for me is a play on a staycation which is a mini vacation you take in your own city. The theme of my mamacations are usually wandering. I feel most relaxed and inspired when I am wandering on foot. Since, I am new to Atlanta I haven't seen many places and I am always ready to do any exploring. I did extensive research online for FREE events. I also keep a mental roledex of activities that I am drawn too. I left the house on Sunday morning armed with the following: written agenda, purse, IPad, IPod, books, water bottle, strawberry greek yougurt. business cards, journal, camera, TerrorChic Cards, calendar, noteook, workout clothes and a mission. My mamacation agenda read as follows:

Atlanta Friends Meeting: I love the meditation, beautiful open design of building and the calm here. My two favorite things about attending Quaker meetings are knowing that Quakers believe that each person has the capacity to know directly the will of God, requiring neither a specific liturgy nor the interpretation of an intermediary and the great library of books they have shared with me. I checked out Black Fire: African American Quakers on Spirituality and Human Rights.

Little Five Points: This neighborhoo has all the hip bookstores, coffeehouses, bars and boutiques. Since, I moved here it has been a constant in our social scene. My favorites places there include 7 Stages Theater, Aurora Coffee and Porter Beer Bar. I have decided the Porter is in the number 1 position for my favorite local bar. It is the place that becomes your "Cheers." I had my birthday brunch here last year and the beer list is insanse. On this adventure I went solo for the Sunday Brunch. I am still thinking about the  Georgia Wild Shrimp n’ Grits: white cheddar grits, portobello and crimini mushrooms, truffle oil, poached egg. It made my life!
I also used this time bop into boutiques to show my work and sell my TerrorChic Cards. Two of the store owners were impressed and interested in buying the cards and asked me to come back after New Year to discuss rates and orders. One shop gave me requests for cards inspired by OutKast, Bob Marley and Grateful Dead. I am excited  for the opportunity and the momentum I have been manifesting with TerrorChic Designs

Sign as you enter Lil 5 and my favorite street art

Freedom Park: The parks in Georgia are amazing. I believe that Georgia is a top state when it comes to green spaces. The one thing that has hypnotized me since I moved here are the trees and greenery. Freedom Park is a short 5 minute walk from Lil 5 Points so I changed my shoes and jacket, blasted my IPod (I listened to Kanye West, Andre 300 mix tape and Ghostface Killah), walked the lovely trails and enjoyed the 70 degree weather and sun. It was also an opportunity to get exercise into the day and get lost in a new neighborhood.

I found my favorite word on the trails.

The walking in Freedom Park got my so hyped that I decided to just keep walking and walking. I ended up in Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park, neighborhoods surrounding Lil 5. I walked for over 2 hours and along the way stopped at Highland Bakery, a yummy food spot that I love for breakfast and cupcakes. I got a lemon and white chocolate cupcake and sat outside to enjoy it. The sweet potatoes pancakes and shrimp and grits are worth a trip if you are in Atlanta. On my way walking back to Lil 5 I saw a tag on a street pole and thought it was funny and fit into the theme of the day: wandering.

Vintage Store Grand Opening: During my research I found a listing for a FREE event at a new store called That Old Closet. The post online said free food, drinks, live band and DJ so I was there. I got back in the car and drove about 10 minutes to and was able to find the store easily. I heard music bumping as a parked so I was certain that if they delivered on the free food and drink I would be happy! Once there, I saw a friendly group of people, cute accessories, live band, food and drink. Winning!

I drank many of the free drinks and was able to get a nice buzz. The evening ended with a short ride down a tree lined street with a head full of inspiration and a belly full of free food. This was one of the best mamacations I have had and I look forward to planning more. I was able to think and daydream for a full 7 hours alone. I came home super energized and full of love for my son. It was a good look for everyone involved.

Do you plan mamacations or staycations? What do you do to recharge and to inspire your creativity?


Mama Violet said...

I love those sparkly dresses. I shall get one!

Tricia Hersey said...

yes, that rack had all the sparkle. they had the cutest bat wing style top. it would be cute with some dark jeans and sparkly embellished heels. the thrift store usuall has sequin stuff.

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